Catch the Navs on North Shore Sports Night!

04/13/2020 11:06 AM

The North Shore Navigators will be featured during weekly episodes of "North Shore Sports Night" on msonewsports.com.

The internet radio show airs live at 7 p.m. each Monday. A Navs player or staff member will discuss the 2020 Futures Collegiate Baseball League season and more during recurring segments with MSO host Bill Newell.

Links to live and archived audio of each interview can be found below.

March 23: GM Derek January

April 6: Cedric Gillette (starts at 21:30)

April 13: Jonathan Luders & PA announcer Gus Baylow (starts at 19:40)

April 20: Navs Podcast with Manager Bob Macaluso, Pitching Coach PJ Browne, Zach Fortuna

April 27: Luke Marshall (starts at 56:30)

May 4: Jack Wallace (starts at 24:00)

May 11: Dylan January & Nick Reiser

May 18: Sean Lawlor (starts at 36:18)

June 1: Beau Dana (starts at 20:35)

June 8: Gavin Sullivan (starts at 41:12)